Studio Policy


Studio Policy
1. The invoices will be emailed on the first day of each month. Payments are due on the first lesson of the month, $10 fee per student will be charged for payments received after the 10th of each month. If you forget to send the payment with your child, please mail it to my home address (postmarked before 10th), please do not drop cash in my mailbox.
2. If you wish to cancel a lesson due to family trips etc, please inform me before the invoice is sent to avoid being charged for that lesson, for example if you will be away on Jan 23, I will have to be notified by Dec. 31. Before canceling the lesson please see if there is an alternate spot available on the studio calendar.
3. 1(one)make-up lesson will be allowed per student, per month due to illness, inclement weather or true emergency only. No make-ups for any other reasons. The teacher will need to be properly notified in case of student's illness. It is left up to the student/parent to choose from available spots from teacher's schedule, which will be posted on the website and request the make-up lesson within the same month.
4. No make-ups or credits will be rolled over to the next month, unless the illness occurs on the last few days of the month.
5. I do realize that even after careful planning, schedule conflicts do occur, so I am setting up the Parent Swap list (please let me know if you do not want to be on it). You can email the other parents in our studio and ask if somebody could swap spots with you for that particular week. Please notify me after the swap has been made.
6. Last minute cancellations (for reasons other than illness, bad weather), forgetting to cancel a lesson or no shows will not be credited, and no make-ups will be given.
7. If the instructor cancels the lesson for any reason, the make-up lesson will be scheduled, or a credit will be issued.
8. Lessons are frequently offered during school holidays, but special scheduling is required. During summer, more flexible approach to scheduling will be allowed. 
9. If the student is late for the lesson, no time will be taken from the next student's lesson to make up for this time. Please arrive promptly. For students taking school buses to my house, there will be no time taken from the next student lesson if the bus is late, if that becomes a problem, consider picking up your children from school.
10. Piano students must keep their fingernails trimmed short and filed.
11. Both voice and piano students are expected to practice at home and complete their assignments given on each lesson.
12.The instructor reserves the right to dismiss a student due to lack of interest, inconsistent practicing habits, poor attitude, frequent cancelations/rescheduling or late payments.